The Magazine you can just dip into...

Are we yet another one of those laptop publications spouting what floats around the cesspool of what pretends to be the news?  Informing the masses, of our communication obsessed world, about what is going on across the expanse of celebrity, social media and tabloid rhetoric that pollutes our very existence with half-truths and fictions of the worst kind?

Are we just another ‘Fake News Publication’ aimed at producing advertising revenue without conscience of forethought?

No we are none of these things!

’The Wrong Planet’ is a simple magazine with no directional agenda other than to look at  art, culture, politics, current affairs, in fact any subject you can think of from the perspective of an armchair observer.

Main contributors are:

Ian Welch - Editor, Writer, Graphics Manipulator and Thrower of Ideas 

Jim Scott - Artist, Cartoonist, Graphics Manipulator and Idea Catcher

‘The Wrong Planet’ is somewhere to publish, to vent, to challenge or just to express a view on a subject.   Maybe the subject is not a requirement, just an image, cartoon or a short story is all that is required to make a point or just to enlighten or entertain the reader.

Due to advancing age and a vast experience of real life, and it’s struggles, we do tend to lean towards a satirical or even confrontational approach on some subjects, usually current news items or mass media fodder being circulated.  Generally we do not believe everything we see in the press and media or what governments or state institutions tell us….. they can tell lies you know!

Yes at times, we may attack or be controversial or voice an opinion that may not be agreeable to some.  We make no apology if an assault on something that we believe is an abhorrent abuse of power or status upsets your liberalism or political correctness.  If we see something that is wrong, or misrepresents the truth then we will challenge it! 

All free people have a voice and we, within the realms of fairness and taste, have a right to exercise that voice.   If, as writers or artists, we believe something needs to be said or challenged then we shall do so.  If you object to this freedom of expression then my friend you must be living on …..‘The Wrong Planet’

© Ian Welch 2017