You Ain’t No Human Beings!


Joe Corre and his mother Dame Vivienne Westwood, pride of the establishment, burn £5m worth of Punk and Sex Pistols related Memorabilia in a pathetic attempt to protest against the 40th celebration of the birth of punk. 

Yes of course, Dame Westwood and son, what a fantastic punk gesture,  the only surprise is you didn’t invite Richard Branson along to hand you the flaming torch of punk credibility! 

How iconic, or should I say ironic, a couple of millionaires, one who sold out to accept a Damehood, set fire to some iconic pieces of British anti-establishment history.   Followed by the Dame of Elitism making a ‘Green’ speech from atop a diesel spewing bus, whilst in the background, their protest pollutes the atmosphere with black, acrid, toxic smoke.


Punks (Individualists), of which I have always been proud to be associated with, in attitude and tolerance, would be disgusted with the actions of these middle class revolutionists. To destroy and pollute, in the pursuit of self promotion, to the detriment  of the path, or opportunity, to help others, is quite frankly something that should be spat upon.

I understand the attack on the commercialism of our culture, but Punk, from the perspective of the McLaren/Westwood label, has always been a commercial venture, nothing more than conceptual art with a commercial aim.   For managers and manipulators of that very early germ of cultural commercialism to then burn their own product, in order to attack others that celebrate the culture that evolved from their commercialism,  is nothing short of hypocrisy.

1970’s Punk inspired many, the many went on to create and produce works of note, in music, literature and art. That influence along with its legacy continues to this day.   To exhibit and to celebrate is not a bad thing, if it influences others, to question; to challenge; to be inspired; to create. In that context, Punk is a force of culture that should be celebrated.

The Punk thing to do?  

Do the unexpected, not the dated stereo-typical approach of creating a bonfire of vanity, straight out of the frames of a Jarmanesce celluloid.

£5m in anarchistic thought provoking merchandise, rammed into the collection box of the Oxford Street march of the Salvation Army Band could have created something for those that now wear the torn rags we once used for individualistic expression.  But no, Mr Joe Corre and Dame Westwood, you took the predictable path of ’No Imagination’, 'No Credibility’ and left us with the now cliche ‘No Future’

You are NOT Punk….. you are the ESTABLISHMENT!

© Ian Welch 2017