On the Waterfront


Do you ever get one of those ‘Well I Never’ moments, I suppose these days if you are down with the mobile phone generation that translates into OMG.  Well tonight I had one of those little ‘Well I…. OMG’ epiphany’s.

It was quite late and an old black and white, legendary, film showed up on the TV playlist, I hadn’t seen it for years, and my grown up daughter had certainly never seen it.   I flicked the remote to select the channel and the opening credits rolled to ‘On the Waterfront’

As I sat there watching this classic oscar winning film, starring Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint, from 1954 concerning mobsters, murder and conscience, the ‘Well I Never’ moment suddenly hit me!

The crux of the story centres around a small group of corrupt individuals controlling the lives of the very poor working class people in the area, who only get work, by selection, on a daily basis.  No work equates to no pay, so all of the lower class workers are therefore on zero hour contracts.

Sounds very familiar doesn’t it? 

Well, it is now 2017 and the lives of the very poor working class people are being currently being controlled by a small group of corrupt and elite individuals who are keeping many of them on zero hour contracts!

63 years since the initial release of the movie and absolutely nothing has changed except for the mobsters are now known as Corporations, Bankers and Politicians.

© Ian Welch 2017