BT Email Direct Debit Scam

These type of scam emails hit email accounts almost constantly, really all of you should be knowledgeable enough to spot them with ease, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Golden Rule 1: Treat every email you receive concerning ANY accounts you have with ANY company as fake until you’ve checked it, and even then still assume it’s a fake.

Take this BT one I received today, pretty good one, as it referenced a failed Direct Debit payment and happened to arrive a few days after my real Direct Debit was due to be paid.  But it is of course a complete fake, designed to get bank details.  So just to clarify what I’ve added to the email screen shot above:

The Scammer takes the beginning of your email address and inserts it in the ‘Hello…..’ salutation, shown in green on the image.  The Scammer knows that most BT account user names are your email address.  But it really does make that part look genuine.

The ‘Review Account Information’ button (link) highlighted in red is the Scammers money shot!  You click this and you will be directed to a fake page for you to amend your account details etc.  Basically you could end up giving a Scammer your bank details!

Golden Rule 2: NEVER access any accounts via a link in an email!  If you need to check any of your accounts, always go to the company’s website via your internet browser and log in directly to check your account.  Do NOT access via the email link!

So how do you spot that the email is a fake?

Well that one is quite easy, you just check the email address of the sender showing after the @ symbol.  As you can see, highlighted on the image in blue, the sender of this scam email, after the @, is a domain name that does NOT match one that BT would normally use.  In this instance the domain actually belongs to an Asian belly dancing website.  So it’s pretty obvious that this email is completely fake.

Golden Rule 3:  See Golden Rule 1

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