Social Media Sharing can get you into trouble!


Never before have I personally had a post removed from a Social Media website.  Well looks like I may have inadvertently shared something spamiliciously subversive from one of these, possible, ‘Fake News’ sites without realising that the site could well be a Spammer spreading dodgy material. I ended up having the post removed and closed, by means of a polite Facebook Message!

Had I inadvertently shared something I shouldn’t?   Was it something subversive?  Was it ‘Fake News’?  Or just a Spam item I’d shared without realising it was just another Spam regurgitation?

To be honest, having the post removed about a week after the share, I cannot even remember what the post was about…. But it was originally on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website so there is a strong possibility that it could have been a little bit suspect.

With all the recent reports of ‘Fake News’ and Spam clampdowns, where social media companies, like Facebook, are implimenting the possible removal of posts they deem to be fake or not appropriate I just happen to love the irony that the first post I have ever had removed from a social media site, of any type, just happened to be a direct share of a BBC News Report! 

© Ian Welch 2017