FIFA - UK National Team Fined for Poppies

When you get it right… it starts to go ‘Viral

Well this current Meme, we put out the same day that the fines were issued against all the UK countries by FIFA, and it seems to have hit the spot with many on Facebook.

Mainly via a personal share, by me, rather than our own Facebook page, the image has started to travel from share to share and profile to profile quite rapidly.  On the day of issue it collected about 200 shares; second day it doubled; third day, as I write this, it has more than trebled!  Not sure when it will stop or how far it will go, but we are really pleased with the results and it could even go ‘Viral’!

It just seemed very apt and appropriate to make a point, whilst at the same time giving all the people involved with our national teams the credit they all deserve.

We remember ALL who have served and fallen.  It’s NOT political, wars are often created by politics, but those that serve and fall are family to someone, if not family to all of us, irrespective of nationality, religion or  cast.  We remember them ALL and ALL their lives are……. PRICELESS!

© Ian Welch 2017