AKA Floboff - AKA Squeaky-Dude

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Punkpot was originally modelled on me. many years ago by Jim, as a graphical image of Floboff, which is an online domain I own, which was for possible business use at a later stage.  Floboff relates to the old 'Watch With Mother’ programme ‘The Flowerpot Men’.  As a punk, merging myself, and one of my many haircuts, with a Flowerpot Man you end up with Punkpot.  Floboof would basically be Bill telling Ben to flob off, or visa versa.

Just recently, Jim took the original idea, shown on the left and gave it a new upgraded Steampunk twist, on the right…. the results are fantastic and just shows what you can do with a pencil!

Punkpot, is now active and possibly expanding into some more creative areas shortly….. watch this space.

© Ian Welch 2017