Among the mere mortals of the daily grind, often trapped within the standing room of the cattle trucks of discontented work force, there are believers in a more creative palette. Those that wish to pursue dreams, often quashed by the relentless slog, to write, to sing, to play, to sculpt to paint… to be free in a world of their own creations.

Often just playful hobbyists, or maybe a voice of artists that struggle, sometimes confused by what the establishment, or people want, as once again some conceptual nonsense, advances to the fore to ramp up the discussion and the transference of funds.

Enjoy your art, whether observer or creator, and don’t be afraid to challenge what is in front of you, if you like it laude it, if you don’t then move on and leave the pretentious to the squabbling of the easily deluded intelligentsia…


© Ian Welch 2017